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Yoga Basics Series with Leah

New to yoga? Looking to refine your practice or dive deeper into each posture and the breathe? Then Leah Cullis’s Yoga Basic Series is for you.  Join her this Wednesday, October 3rd at 7-8:30pm for the first part of the 4 week series. Sign up now to reserve your spot!

Yoga + Live Music

At Wanderlust LIVE we are incorporating more and more live music into our classes. We are in the live music capital of the world, surrounded by some of the most talented musicians and yoga instructors. The combination of the two creates an experience unlike any other. From Phoebe Hunt, to the Austin Bhakti Kirtan Tribe, to Ron Crose and Fred Mitchim, we have already had some incredible musicians walk through our doors. If you are a musician and interested in joining us come by the studio, we look forward to collaborating.  Stay tuned for live music class schedules through our newsletters and social media. Come to Wanderlust LIVE to  breathe in and rock out.